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What Our Ailing Banking System Needs

This (I assume temporary) job posting for “Humor In The Workplace” is exactly what the Department of the Treasury and Bureau of the Public Debt need. Forget auditing the Fed, accountability, or common sense. What we need around here is more HUMOR!

Someone who can:

  • “Create cartoons on the spot about BPD jobs,”
  • Demonstrate why “humor is one of the most important ways that we communicate in business and office life,”
  • But who will “refrain from using any foul language during the presentation.”

If you’re planning on applying, you should note: “Responses to this request must be submitted no later than 2:00 p.m. ET on July 6, 2009.” It’s a shame this was posted on July 9th—they might have had more applicants if they would have advertised the job before their application deadline.

Folks, this is your tax dollars hard at work. Money you are actually paying to the government.

Do people realize we go to work every day—not just to provide food and clothing and other things we want and/or need—but for incredibly useful stuff like this? No wonder we also have the awesome idea that allowing the government to run our health care would be the greatest thing ever. I mean just look at the awesome schools we have. Our effective prisons. The wonderfully efficient Medicare/aid programs. And all the free money we’re going to get never going to see from Social Security when we retire!

It seems to me that rather than hiring a Humor in the Worlplace Czar, we could just sit back and enjoy the biggest joke in the country: our government spending programs.