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Voicemail Update

Well, a whole lot of people must have given/gotten TGI Fridays gift cards for Christmas because my phone is ringing off the hook. So far, most people seem to be hanging up and trying again (or trying 2 or 3 more times), but a few are leaving messages to let me know that they got the wrong number (listen here). Who leaves a message on an answering machine for that? Don’t most people just hang up instead? Thank you Florida.

Today I’m averaging 1 call per hour. At that rate, my toll free charges just for mistaken callers could reach $90 this year, which means I better get at least one message this awesome to make it worth the cost of keeping my number.

UPDATE 1/14/2009
Today I even had someone from TGI Fridays in Everett, MA call my number on accident.

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