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Star Wars Kid Learns to Dance

I probably won’t give the synopsis of the commercial until I post the actual thing, but the shoot over the weekend went great. Jared and Jacob (the director and producer), and their whole crew did an awesome job. It was great to see the thing go from the concept all the way to production, and so far things seem to have turned out even better than expected. It was about a 13 hour shoot, but we should have a pretty nice 24 and 60 second spot to show for it. The final should be out of post production within a couple of weeks and I’ll post it then.

In the meantime, this is probably the coolest proudcer on the planet, Jacob Moffat, in the best improv show of talent that film has ever seen. Had the concept been a little different, this could have been the entire commercial. It is, as he put it, like the Star Wars Kid grew up and learned to dance.

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1 Memory { 11.21.14 at 8:04 am }

I miss my grandfather too. He tgauht me what a honey wagon was. A big tank on wheels full of human shit. A big thing in europe. He went to France in WWI(the war to end all wars) as a blacksmith. He learned his trade at the oil strike at Spindletop. In France, he shoed the horses and mules that pulled the big cannons and supply wagons. He was covered in mustard gas twice. Probably why he died at 65. His lungs were gone. Don’t forget how much older I am than most of you kids. I still think of him often with both pride and sadness.

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